About Us

This website is designed out of personal Experience and by Observing, listening, discussing and understanding the pain and the problems of small investors (Both – New & Experienced investors) in the Stock Market.

We have noticed that most of the people really want to learn about value investing in India and stock Market investing but they neither get the Right knowledge nor find the Right source.

In fact, most of the people get stuck into the stock market traps like: – Intraday trading, News based trading, Hot Stock tips, TV Expert Recommendations, Quick money skims etc….and lot more…!!!

So, to help the individual investors and to show them the Right way of Stock Market investing, the concept of ‘’Money Management Academy‘’ is Born….!!!

Money Management Academy’’ is the first serious step towards helping you, the individuals, the Small investors to become intelligent and Independent investor by giving the Right knowledge of Stock Market Investing in a very Simple manner.

We will help you to create the Right Investing Mindset which is the first starting point to develop your own investment philosophy.

Teaching Right Way Of Investing:

We will teach you all the dimensions of the Stock Market investing to gain the complete investing knowledge.
  • Value Investing Principles (From Graham to Buffett and beyond)
  • Growth Investing Principles (Philip Fisher)
  • Business Analysis, Valuations and Management Quality
  • Business Financials – Statements, Ratios, Techniques and Applications
  • Value Investing & Behavioral Finance
  • Mental Models & Multidisciplinary Thinking
  • Psychology & Human Behaviour
  • Investing Rules, Laws and Principles
  • Legendary investors and Their Investing Styles
  • Macro Economics, Industry Analysis
  • Applications of Investing Theories, Frameworks and Principles
Don’t worry too much; We will teach you everything in very simple way with practical examples and articles. Call Now To Start.

Knowledge has its own importance only when, you apply it and gain the concrete Experience which will help you to make better Decisions and avoid big Mistakes in life or in Investing.

We will teach you how to apply Value Investing Rules, Laws & Principles to find out the right quality stocks to invest your money and build the great wealth in the Stock Market. You will learn everything about – Value Investing, Value investing in India, and How to Make Money in Stock Market.  Investor Maze blog is also the Best Value investing Blog  among reputed Value investing Blogs India.

Just wanted to remind you: Stock Market Investing is Simple but not Easy. It is also true that you don’t require the high IQ to become successful investor in the stock Market.

“You don’t need to be a rocket scientist. Investing is not a game where the guy with the 160 IQ beats the guy with 130 IQ.”

Warren Buffett

It takes Right knowledge, Mindset, Temperament, Discipline, Practice and Patience to create the Great wealth in the stock Market.

If someone showing you the false ways to make quick money in the Stock Market, then be Aware and remember below line….

‘’When it comes to success, there are No Shortcuts…. Investing isn’t Different’’

Our Philosophy


Educate Individuals to Create Great Wealth in the Stock Market.


Investing, Reading and Continuous Learning.


Truth, Honesty & Integrity.


Focus on the Process and the Outcome will take care of itself…!!!


Make Successful investors by sharing Right Investing Knowledge.


When it comes to success, there are No Shortcuts…. Investing isn’t Different.